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"Create the things you wish existed".... was how this magazine was born. With a team of dedicated individuals, eager to share this work with the world,  Energy Magazine is able to share the truth about our innate abilities to heal. 

What we are all about

Our mission at Energy Magazine is to provide our community with the very best of what Energy Medicine and Holistic Wellness have to offer. We strive to bring our global readers new, insightful, and impactful information and research, along with thought-provoking and inspiring stories. We are honored to boast more than 150 contributors to bring you this content, from experts in the field to community members, just like you.

What Makes Energy Magazine So Different?

For over 13 years, Energy Magazine has been committed to being a one-of-a-kind, up-to-date resource in the field of Energy Medicine. We seek a balance of business and industry features, with valuable content for the practitioners themselves. We cater to the desires and requirements of both practicing and studying Energy Medicine professionals , and any and all who wish to enhance their understanding in the field.

Our team has strong relationships with an impressive list of healers, researchers and vendors. We are proud to provide our readers with answers to their questions, while offering new techniques and tools. We supply readers with stimulating exposure to science and research behind Energy Medicine, offering endless insights, news, practice guidance and credibility all in one place.

To ensure we are building the most relevant and useful content, we do an intensive annual survey with our readers to learn what they wish to know, learn and read about. Facts are sourced from top-notch professionals who are all passionate about helping to advance the field of Energy Medicine.
Energy Magazine keeps you in touch with the latest research, thought leaders, events and education in the field of Energy Medicine.

Who We Are

These values make up the foundation of our culture at Energy Magazine. We share these collective beliefs to manifest an engaging, enjoyable environment and to cultivate the very best of our work.
  • Core Value #1: Positive – Here at Energy Magazine, we are excited about the present, and motivated to create a positive future. We make it a priority to bring joy into what we do, and influence the atmosphere around us. We believe that the best results come from a place of happiness - and fun! We are enjoying every step of the journey and take even the toughest challenges with optimism and grace. 
  • Core Value #2: Integrity – We hold ourselves to high standards at Energy Magazine. Our work is honest and our ethic is a balance of pleasure and duty. We can rely on one another, making us dependable. We make use of our resources and work hard to give rise to the best quality material. Above all, we share mutual respect for one another’s roles and boundaries - not only within our office, but beyond - to encompass all.
  • Core Value #3: Leaders – We enrich our small, grass-root team with our unique personalities and skills that make us one-of-a-kind. We are all leaders in our own right; visualizing every step of the way, setting goals, and imbedding positive intent. We see the good in those around us and bring out the best in each other as we flow into a seamless whole. Our team leads with purpose and kindness in all that we do.
  • Core Value #4: Creative – With every stroke of a pen and click of a mouse, our imaginations are boundless. We harbor creativity in a great capacity to curate and design every issue, before we proudly present you with the final product. We utilize creative intelligence to come up with solutions and use original ideas to produce something truly beautiful.
  • Core Value #5: Mindful – Our passion inspires us to be in the moment and accept each day as it comes. We enliven our environment with authenticity and kindness, and nourish our relationships with calm energy and acceptance. Our mindful spirits keep us in balance and uplifts the space around and within us, feeding our greater purpose to be at its highest good.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the pages

Anya Charles

Anya was brought up in a home that put an emphasis on health and wellness, mixed with the cultural teachings of meditation and Ayurveda from her Indian heritage, the importance of well-being took root. Anya worked in the holistic health world for over six years. In this time, she expanded her knowledge about the vast, inspiring field, and often found herself leading loved ones to overcome their own health challenges. 

After exploring career options in other realms, from business to management, customer service to marketing, from writing to editing- she finds herself once again drawn to her foundation. 

Anya is a passionate storyteller and an advocate for sharing insight and wisdom that bring happiness and healing. Needless to say, she is honored to be a part of the Energy Magazine team. Anya looks forward to serving this community with professionalism, integrity, and a little bit of fun! Energy Magazine is a beautiful publication filled with unique stories and stimulating knowledge; she is confident it will continue to bloom in powerful ways within the Healing community, and beyond.

Billy Courtney
Graphic Designer

 Billy was on the original team that founded and developed Energy Magazine in 2006. She has watched this publication grow from a newsletter that supported the Healing Touch community to the current publication that now supports the broader field of Energy Medicine.

Billy's background in graphic design allows her to create beauty in everything she touches. She has a passion for inclusive user-centered design and helping people bring their brand and messages to life. 

 Billy loves the simplicity of Energy Healing and the profound effects it has on people. For her and her family, she prefers a non-medical holistic approach to health and wellness and uses Healing Touch as a first approach to her family's medical needs.

Billy feels excited and blessed to be part of such an amazing team doing amazing things and bringing Energy Magazine the recognition it deserves in the ever-growing field of Energy Medicine.

Matt Courtney

Matt has been an integral part of our team since 2009 and keeps our website up and running. He plays an essential role in getting each issue out to our readers and has an innate sense of how to solve difficult problems with website function as well as how to make systems work seamlessly. 

Matt is fascinated by Energy Medicine and how it works and enjoys listening to the research and science-based evidence behind Energy Medicine.  

Lisa Gordon
Owner, CEO HTP

Lisa is the owner and CEO of Healing Touch Program, which is the publisher of Energy Magazine. Lisa and Billy were the original creators of Energy Magazine in 2006. The magazine was designed to serve the Healing Touch community, but quickly broadened to other audiences in the healing arts. 

Lisa is thrilled to see the magazine reach so many practitioners and plans to sustain its growth so it can continue supporting the expanding field of Energy Medicine. 

Our Partner Organizations

Energy Magazine endeavors to provide its subscribers with information and resources that support practitioners in their professional practice. We think you will find the following alliances offer both relevant and stimulating information.
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
CEP is committed to bringing the simple, effective mind-body-spirit techniques of energy psychology and other energy healing techniques to all who need them. To this end, ACEP provides live and online trainings and certification for licensed and non-licensed professionals in many disciplines, establishes ethical guidelines for the field and offers humanitarian outreach and research. The organization also produces the annual International Energy Psychology Conference.
A 501(c3) nonprofit, ACEP is a professional organization for licensed healthcare providers and allied health discipline. It was founded in 1999 and is recognized as the largest international organization for energy psychology approaches. Learn more at

Energy Medicine Professional Association
Protecting Energy Practitioners and Holistic Healers with Professional Liability and General Insurance for their practice. EMPA is dedicated to helping practitioners raise their professionalism and credibility through membership, education and insurance. EMPA offers coverage students, practitioners and Instructors that reside in the US. For more information see our website at EMPA.

Healing Touch Program
We share the common belief that all healing is self-healing and that we all have the abilities to facilitate healing in ourselves and others. We are passionate about bringing healing to the world through our work. Healers come from all kinds of backgrounds - nurses, massage therapists, social workers, healthcare professionals, corporate, and family makers.  
We know that self-care and natural healing can shift the world and how we care for each other. Our motivation comes from our hearts and we know Healing Touch can change people’s lives. Learn more at

Shift Network
Our mission is to serve the personal transformational needs of as many individuals as possible, helping them expand the aperture of their personal arc of development over time. Our vision is to use that foundation of personal transformation to go even further — to help create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world for all. We hold a vision where, not only are everyone’s basic needs met while living in peace, but the very best in all of us is expressed and humanity’s full creative potential is set free.

Sounds True
Sounds True was founded in 1985 by Tami Simon with a clear mission: to disseminate spiritual wisdom. Since starting out as a project with one woman and her tape recorder, we have grown into a multimedia publishing company with more than 80 employees, a library of more than 1500 titles featuring some of the leading teachers and visionaries of our time and an ever-expanding family of customers from across the world. In more than three decades of growth, change and evolution. Sounds True has maintained its focus on its overriding purpose, as summed up in our Mission Statement.
Sounds True’s mission is to wake up the world.


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