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For over 15 years the Energy Magazine community has been reading, sharing and contributing to this publication supporting the expansion of the field of Energy Medicine. We appreciate the support we receive and we are eager to serve this group of light workers!
Our subscribers and contributors share their experience with Energy Magazine. 
We affectionately call them "Love Letters"

From our Readers....

“I have to say how gorgeous the print issues are and I hope that you keep going with them. It is so lovely to show and handle the print version to budding students of healing touch and the wealth of knowledge and learning that underlies Healing Touch Program, thank you.”
Gillian Robertson, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor and Reiki Master, Core Star Healing
Western Australia, Australia 
“This magazine is priceless to me. There is nothing else like it that can educate me, inspire me, uplift me, and support me regularly.”
"Energy Magazine is a lovely cornucopia of insightful information in the field of energy medicine. I’m continuously inspired by the beautiful pages in each issue. The words and illustrations continue to support my growth and the healing of my clients and for that I’m very grateful! "
Allison Case , Flourish Integral Health
Chicago, Illinois
"Energy Magazine keeps you in the loop with how Healing Touch is being applied and growing. I always look forward to the article's. It nice to read how the energy work is applied in various situations."
Carrie Wiedemann, Digital Subscriber
Philadelphia, PA
"In today’s negative world this is a little dose of enlightenment for free and packed with great information. This is my favorite all time magazine and look forward to each new edition ! Helps make my world a little more positive"
Lois, Retired RN
Louisville, KY
"Having access to a wealth of knowledge from so many differnt practitioners is inspiring. Through out 2020 and the many challenges of COVID the Energy Magazine has provide a ray of positive energy and some tools to help in my self care and the care of my clients."
Dot Carver ~ Peaceful Healing of Chantilly
Chantilly, VA
"I love the content that keeps me updated on such a wide variety of important information in the healing arts community. I look forward to receiving my magazine in my mailbox. It is like getting a present! "
Houston, TX
"Energy Magazine has been a wonderful magazine for me. Every issue I receive shows me how to be able to the world differently and am now able to understand more personal and professional knowledge from this awesome magazine. It will not only open your mind but your heart also. Helps you to have a more purpose filled life while showing others what they can do for themselves also. "
 Beryl Turner ~  Healing Hands Healing Oils
Cookeville, TN
"I love the articles that touch all the different facets of energy. There are so many modalities and it's a great place to stay up to date with what is going on in the field of energy medicine. Sometimes, I share the articles with my clients as it pertains to reiterate something we recently chatted about. "
Debbie Sodergren ~ Up Vibrations, LLC
Cookeville, TN
"Being a subscriber to Energy Magazine provides me with valuable information and allows me to support the loving community of light workers around the world. "
Laurie ~ Touch of Empathy, LLC
Avon, OH
"I love having new information about energy every time I get a new magazine. Where can you get such diverse topics all in one format? I love having the physical magazine that I can share with new clients and friends, too. "
Lacey, WA
"Energy Magazine is one of the best magazines around that gives current updated information in the field of Energy Work. "
Verna Besselink ~ Verna's Healing Touch
Calgary, AB
"I love everything about Energy Magazine...the fact is, ever since I have been getting all the yummy articles, they have helped me gain so much insight and knowledge for my business. I glean so much from them that it's a big puzzle that I keep adding pieces to. Thank you for enriching my life! "
Carol Nash ~ Life Force Wellness, LLC
Riverdale, Utah
"After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I sought out Energy Medicine for support in my healing journey. I love Energy Magazine because it continues to give me new ideas, refresh old ones and provides encouragement when I feel like I just can't do it anymore."
Teresa Emerick 
 Stephenson, VA

From our Writers....

“Having been readers of Energy Magazine for a few years, we finally took the plunge and submitted our first article, not knowing how it would be received. Anya’s immediate response both encouraged and reassured us that our article had merit. Her total understanding of and support for Qiki Gong meant the edits she suggested greatly enhanced our original submission. This was swiftly followed by imaginative artwork and design by Billy, which transformed our bland word document into a totally professional and beautiful article, of which we are immensely proud. This has been the case for two
subsequent articles and we look forward to continuing this uplifting and positive relationship.”
Alan Sanson and Ruthie Moriarty - Qiki Gong

"Being heard, especially when I have a message to give, creates a sense of gratification that is foundational to my sense of purpose in life. I thank Energy Medicine Magazine and it's readers for this opportunity."
Jacqueline Chan, Physician, Medical Director - Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery
San Rafael, California
“I love Energy Magazine! As both a reader and contributor, I am so happy to be a part of this beautiful platform that shares so much meaningful wisdom, inspiration and healing energy.”
Kim Chestney, Author of Radical Intuition & Founder of IntuitionLab
Pittsburgh, PA
“Before contributing to the 2021 Family Issue, I had been a subscriber to Energy Magazine. As a reader, I have found issue after issue to provide content that offers an insightful, informative look into the unique world of energy medicine, health and healing. As a contributor (Speak your Mind and my article The Energy of Love), I received gracious support, encouragement, and timely communication from staff members, which made my experience all the more enjoyable. In both instances, I feel that I am part of an exceptional community that is passionate about growing and flowing its understanding of energy out into the world.”
Lisa White, Reiki Practitioner, Eden Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Author

“I'm grateful to share my love and experience of holistic modalities, especially within healthcare settings. It's been a privilege to relate these experiences in articles with Energy Magazine. Connecting with others, exploring new ideas in energy healing, and integrating them into practice is something I'm excited to share and receive through publications. The staff at Energy Magazine are supportive and provide constructive feedback to help deliver a message of healing and wholeness. I appreciate their support and valued feedback. Thank you.”
Debra Reis, MSN, RN, NP

"Energy Magazine's mission extends even to its contributors. Everyone I've encountered at the magazine has shown so much kindness, respect, and especially PATIENCE! What a delightful organization. I love working with them!" 
Debra Hurt, EEM-AP, CEnK-3

“Energy Magazine is a wonderful place online and in-print. The publication offers valuable learning, and meeting opportunities. It allows you to gather pertinent information on the unique healing work peers are doing in the world. Insight is gained in each issue! As author of Soulful Reads, I’m honored to be able to share books I hope help readers grow professionally and personally!”
Allison Bruce
Flourish Integral Health

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