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 What comes with a subscription to Energy Magazine?
 Energy Magazine offers three levels of subscriptions and memberships. You can choose which one fits your needs. Our paid subscriptions include extended resources and author interactions. Once you become a paid subscriber you will be able to read every article and issues published by Energy Magazine. 
 How do I subscribe to Energy Magazine?
 Simply visit Energy Magazine Subscription page to order online. Once you have filled out the subscription form and make your payment you will have immediate access to the UNLIMITED DIGITAL edition and your print issue will be sent in the next production cycle – this may take up to 8 weeks depending on when you subscribe. 

Subscription Options

Keeping you connected to the field of Energy Medicine

Print + Unlimited Digital

$49.95 Annual (Six Issues)
$14.95 Bi-Monthly Subscription per issue
$ 16.95 + Shipping Single Issue
  • Print Issues delivered to your door in beautiful full color print
  • Full Digital Version that you can access on your favorite device
  • Bonus Content available to subscribers only - OVER $5,000 worth of value!
  • Unlimited Access to Energy Magazine Members Area, including full article archive 
  • And More...

 Unlimited Digital

$29.95 Annual (Six Issues)
$9.95 Bi-Monthly Subscription per issue
  • Full Digital Version that you can access on your favorite device
  • Bonus Content available to subscribers only - OVER $5,000 worth of value!
  • Unlimited Access to Energy Magazine Members Area, including full article archive 
  • And More...

 Digital Lite

  • Abridged Digital issues delivered to your inbox
  • Limited access to article archive
  • Truncated author interviews and special promotions
 Can I gift a subscription to a friend?
 YES! We are happy to assist you with a gift subscription/membership with Energy Magazine. To do this please contact us at and we can make it happen. 😊

Simply fill out the subscription using your friends name, email address and physical delivery address, as well as your contact information. Continue to payment and enter your credit card information. You will have the opportunity to send a gift message, so they know why they are receiving the magazine.
 Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 
 Can I cancel my subscription? Get a refund?
Yes, if you decide that you no longer want a paid subscription you can cancel at any time. You will be refunded for the unused portion of your subscription, any fees that apply and you will no longer have access to the members area of our website.

To cancel your Print or Unlimited Digital subscription visit your profile and select the cancel option: LINK?
For further assistance on cancellations, email customer service at

You can also cancel your FREE Lite subscription at any time by simply unsubscribing from our mailing list. This is listed at the bottom of our emails.
 If I cancel my subscription, do I still have digital access? 
After you cancel your subscription, you will have limited access at and no access to the subscriber member area which include pass issues of the digital issues, article index and author bonuses. 
 How do I change my delivery address?
You can change your address in your membership details here: (Insert Link)
 How do I know when my print or digital subscription expires? 
Your subscription expires one year from the original date of subscription. You can manage your subscription in your membership details here: (Insert Link)
 What if I received a damaged print issue? 
Email us at so we can send you a replacement copy. 
 When will I receive my first print issue? 
Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first issue of Energy Magazine. 
 What if I don’t live in the US? Can I still get the print edition?
Yes, however this is an additional cost for the shipping. The print issues are shipped directly from the printers in New York. The additional cost is noted in the subscriber’s form. Here are a few samples of shipping cost: ENTER HERE
 I received duplicate copies. What should I do? 
Email our team at for assistance.
 Is it safe to subscribe online? 
Yes. We offer a secure website and we do not share your information. You can review our privacy policy:
 How do I access back issues? Digital and Print?
Paid subscribers will have access to all back issues in digital format as well as the article index. To access these, log in to your subscriber’s member area and click on the back issue and article index links.

If you are interested in getting a back issue in print you will need to order these through MagCloud. They range in price from for around $11.90 - $13.60 (depending on the number of pages) + shipping per issues. These are one-off printed editions. Click HERE to see these options.


 How do I submit an article for publication?
We are always looking for people to write interesting articles, stories, columns and more. If you would like to submit to be published in Energy Magazine see our Contributor's Packet for details and instructions. We look forward to receiving your submission.  
 How do I advertise in Energy Magazine?
If you are looking for an effective, dynamic and affordable way to spread the word about your business, service, product or class you can utilize advertising space in Energy Magazine. With a reach of over 30,000 subscribers in the holistic energy field your product and services will get great exposure. For advertising rates and details see our Media Kit. 


 How can I follow EM on Social Media?
You can find us on Facebook at @EnergyMagazine and on Instagram at @EnergyMagazineOnline.

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