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Energy Magazine Nov/Dec 2020 Issue


May/June 2023 Issue

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Energy Magazine is a unique publication designed to explore the fascinating, rewarding and deeply complex world of Energy Healing. This publication is for anyone with a keen interest in Energy Medicine — from beginner to advanced practitioners, students, business owners and those who simply want to further explore this dynamic and ever-growing field. Each issue is designed to inspire, motivate and educate people on all aspects of energetic health. 

We explore and look closely at the key energetic elements that make us healthy, happy and successful - a combination of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects - for a whole person approach. Within each issue, you will discover articles that articulate, demonstrate and substantiate the field of Energy Medicine. 
“Energy Magazine is the leading Energy Medicine magazine of our era. No other publication offers the same, powerful level of in-depth articles. Inclusive of science and practical tips, Energy Magazine is to be devoured, one beautiful page at a time. The articles will enhance and empower every facet of your Energy Medicine training and practice.”
Cyndi Dale -
Author of 27 renown books about energy medicine


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 Years of Providing a Focused Publication on Energy Medicine

What Makes Energy Magazine So Different?

For over 13 years, Energy Magazine has been committed to being a one-of-a-kind, up-to-date resource in the field of Energy Medicine. We seek a balance of business and industry features, with valuable content for the practitioners themselves. We cater to the desires and requirements of both practicing and studying Energy Medicine professionals , and any and all who wish to enhance their understanding in the field.  

Our team has strong relationships with an impressive list of healers, researchers and vendors. We are proud to provide our readers with answers to their questions, while offering new techniques and tools. We supply readers with stimulating exposure to science and research behind Energy Medicine, offering endless insights, news, practice guidance and credibility all in one place.

To ensure we are building the most relevant and useful content, we do an intensive annual survey with our readers to learn what they wish to know, learn and read about. Facts are sourced from top-notch professionals who are all passionate about helping to advance the field of Energy Medicine. 

Energy Magazine keeps you in touch with the latest research, thought leaders, events and education in the field of Energy Medicine.

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What our readers say...

"Energy Magazine is a lovely cornucopia of insightful information in the field of energy medicine. I’m continuously inspired by the beautiful pages in each issue. The words and illustrations continue to support my growth and the healing of my clients and for that I’m very grateful! "
Allison Bruce | Chicago, Illinois | Flourish Integral Health
"I love Energy Magazine because as a healer and a teacher I find something pertaining to my work in every issue. I also promote the magazine and EMPA insurance to my students."
DeeAnna Nagel | Havana, Florida  |Intuitive Wellness and Intuitive Aromatherapy
After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I sought out Energy Medicine for support in my healing journey. I love Energy Magazine because it continues to give me new ideas, refresh old ones and provides encouragement when I feel like I just can't do it anymore."
Teresa Emerick | Stephenson, VA
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